During the training Nick showed that he was one of the fast men on track.  However some defects stopped Nick from victory,….


We started the day wet, during the warm-up we went on new rain tires in order to be well prepared for the qualifications.

Because the track was drying we wanted to change the tire pressure just before the start of the qualifications, on that moment we had a leakage and we lost pressure on the tire, so Nick pushed from the start of the qualifications for a good lap and his second lap was the best and gave him a 5th place on the start grid.

Race 1

Track was back dry again and when start was given lots of position has been changed, Nick also lost some but could quickly recover his 5th place and attacked Thom with success for the 4th place.  The hole race they were very close to each other but  Nick could stay ahead.  Because of a mistake from Ilian who  lost control of his kart all drivers could benefit 1 position and Nick ended the race at the 3th position.

Race 2

Nick had a very good start and recover 1 place, the complete race he was sticking at the rear bumper of Xavier, Nick also could put the fastest lap at his name but didn’t used the opportunity to overtake during this race.

Race 3

Start from P2 would be a difficult job, but Nick was very focused and wanted to win this race for his team,…  start was given but had to be done all over again because the stewards saw some unconformities during that starts, ….

So once again formation for the start, even slower than the first one,… this killed  Nicks spark and before the second start have been given Nick’s race weekend was over,….

Event result P5, and in the championship without withdraw P4, let’s hope the last 2 races Nick would have more luck,….

Thanks to Deams Racing Team for the great engine and fantastic race support all the fans supporting Nick and the other DRT members and lets hope we next time we have more luck at our side.

Nick will be already next  weekend at the start of the Chrono in Berghem (The Netherlands)  with his Tony Kart Nordix  with Rotax Mini Max Engine for the Deams Racing Team.

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