During the sunny weekend the first official BNL race weekend took place @ the karting circuit of Genk, it was a good filled field and it promised to be a hard race weekend.

On Saturday during the qualify session, Nick  showed quit good speed, but because he was not well positioned at the track to benefit slipstream, he only qualified on P10, all drivers behind  Nick at the track could make use from slipstream and improved their position in front of Nick.

Race 1

Starting from P10 is a difficult task but during the race Nick could move up to the 5th place, but because of front bumper fairing he received a time penalty of 5 seconds and lost 2 positions and Nicks position was rated for P7.

Race 2

Nick had a good start and during the race Nick could move up during a nice race to the 3th place.

On Sunday again Nick was struggling with his position on the track and only qualified at a poor 14th place.

Race 1

Nick had a good start, but at the front of the field there was an crash which took some drivers of track, those drivers came back on track and  hit Nick, because of that Nick lost many positions and had a hard fight during the race to win positions.  He could end his difficult race at P11.

Race 2

Because of false start procedure the start had to be repeated 2 times, some drives had already to give up their race before it even started because of broken sparkplugs.  Once the start was given Nick had a hard job on one of the English guest races who was only driving defensive lines, because of that Nick over heated his brakes and at the end of the race he had issues on his brakes, so he was only able to finish at P5.  Maybe one good item to mention is that Nick was able to set the best lap during this race.

Final Event result P4, which is also the position in the championship.

Once again thanks to Deams Racing Team for their support, Danny Kroes my mechanic & coach  for the weekend.  My Partners AMK Steigerbouw ,  Ddprints, C-Light Project Bvba, Oswal Paret for the photos  and of cause my fans at the track.

See you during the next race event (BMC) on 22&23 April  @Karting Genk

Greetings Nick