With temperatures close to freezing point the kick off of the Belgian karting season was given. it will be Nick’s first year at the Junior Max class.
Nick was in a hurry to get on the track to set a fast lap, however he was too quick with cold mojo’s and spin off track, he tried to push and pull with all his power to get the kart back on track,… almost when he got on the track the stewards of post 3 pulled his kart back and he was not allowed to continue on the qualification session,…. why?!
Race 1
From the back of the field P16 Nick made a very good start, and won 4 places, during the race he could win 2 more places and ended the race at P8.
Race 2
From the outside of the track Nick could make a great start, everything went fine until the end of the Europalaan, there he took the chicane a bit too wide because late braking, because it is a higher class immediately train of karts passed Nick and was kicked back to P15, where in the race he could come back to the 12th place.
Race 3
result of 2 previous races gave P10 to Nick, again outside of track, the start was given but was actually a false start,… Nick could make some places good but kicked off track, so he wanted to step out and push the kart,… but the stewards didn’t allow him to step out of the kart. Nick had to paddle and struggle too long siting in his kart to get back on track, for 7 laps he continued the race but he saw that the gap was too big and quit the race him self.
The results may not be what it should be P12, but Nick showed potential with his kart.
Many thanks to the Daems Racing Team for the great support, also thanks to Kenzo, Danny, Noah, for the race tips.
Great photos by Oswald Paret, many thanks Oswald!
Up to the next race March 13, BNL kick-off at Genk
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